Customs Brokerage

It is mandatory for any goods imported into India or export outside India have to be undergone the Customs procedures for Proper Classification, Tariff, Appraisal on the Trade value, Examination and Payment of appropriate duties/taxes as applicable for Customs clearance.

Repute Logitech is a licensed Customs Broker in India, Custom Clearance has always been our core area activity, undertaking custom clearances for Import & Export through SEA/AIR/LAND Modes with stringent compliance.

Repute Logitech acquires the people who are all well versed in knowledge, compliance based and expertise in Customs Rules & regulation to cater our customer for any of the statutory requirements.

We constantly guide our Customers about the statutory requirement from time to time and procedures as well as formalities to be completed prior to Import or Export without any hassles.

Repute Logitech actively been at the forefront of the recent initiatives brought by Indian Customs, changing cumbersome procedures of time consuming paper process to computerize and Repute Logistics is online with Customs and fully equipped to clear the documents electronically under EDI System.


  • Import & Re-Import Clearance
  • Export & Re-Export Clearance
  • Clearances to EOU/SEZ/STPI/EHTP Units
  • Unaccompanied Baggage/ATA Carnet
  • Clearance of Trade Samples & Exhibition
  • Bonded Cargo & Ex-bond Cargo clearances
  • Scheme Clearances like Advance Authorization
  • Project Cargo clearances
  • Break Bulk Clearances
  • Hazardous Cargoes